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Research Assistant Professor

Zoe is a coastal oceanographer and geomorphologist. She began her career looking at tidal inlets and sandy barriers but has since expanded to other coastal systems, including estuarine and marsh systems along the Gulf of Mexico and Eastern Seaboard of the US. Through numerical modeling and field data collection, she researches the interaction of hydrodynamics and sediment transport along coastlines, especially shorelines that incorporate channelized systems such as salt marshes. Her research is necessarily cross-disciplinary including feedbacks between hydrodynamics, landscape evolution (such as erosion) and ecosystem science.

Research Interests:
Impacts of Climate Change on the coastal landscape.
Wetland/Saltmarsh Processes
Numerical modeling of currents, waves, and combined flows (presently using DELFT3D, FVCOM, SWAN).
Hydrodynamics and geomorphology of tidal channels/tidal inlets/salt marsh creeks.
Marsh Ecogeomorphology/Wetland Ecosystems and morphology.
Interaction of the flow with vegetation and bedforms.
Sediment transport and bedform dynamics.

Specialties: Tidal hydrodynamics, tidal channel and salt marsh geomorphology, ecogeomorphology, boundary layer flow.

Classes: EE 542 Coastal Ecosystems, EE544 Coastal Sedimentology,

EE 144 Introduction to Oceanography summer 1.

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