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Lecture 1:

Lecture 1 will be a little different from the expected pattern of class, which will normally only involve one speaker. We will have a short welcome and housekeeping from Steve and Zoe, followed by an Introduction to the concept, types and vocabulary of disturbances in coastal wetlands from Merryl Alber (optional background reading in the google drive: Rykiel 1985). John Kominoski will then introduce some of the models of disturbance (optional background reading: Ratajczak et al. 2018, Kominoski et al. 2018, Gaiser et al. 2020).

You can only access the Zoom link if you are a registered member of this blog, which allows you to access the link. As a member, you should also receive email notification of new information posted to the blog (please check your spam folder if you are not receiving this).

See you at 3 pm Eastern Time on Tuesday, Sept 5th.

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