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Recording for Lecture 10

It was lecture 10, folks! Despite me saying it was lecture 9 all. through. the. class. DOH! Anyway, most importantly I want to thank Anna for coming and talking to us - it was a great intro to both hurricanes and mangroves. The recording is up on the member's page and the slides are in the Lecture 10 folder (lecture 10, people) on the Google Drive.

Next week we are excited to have Prof Duncan FitzGerald talking about the impact of Hurricanes on saltmarshes of the East and Gulf Coasts of the US. There are a couple of papers in the Lecture 11 folder on the drive already, but I will let you know if there are any updates.

Photo credit: Duncan FitzGerald. Showing a light brown storm deposit on the top of a core from a Florida salt marsh following Hurricane Irma.

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